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The Best and Coolest things – Coconut Oil as a Sexual Lubricant

I’m starting something new. I’m going to be doing reviews of things I like. The way I go about buying most things is I spend a few hours researching and reading reviews, then buy the things that are a good cross between being affordable and working decently. Some things are not as easy to judge by reading online reviews, so then I try a bunch of different things in that category until I find something that’s great. The initial time/effort spent researching pays off because then I usually end up with something that works well.

coconut oil

Before I start this review, a big disclaimer: Do not use coconut oil with latex condoms if you’re having intercourse. Oil-based lubes can break down latex condoms, making them ineffective. Use water-based lubes with latex condoms. Polyurethane condoms like Durex Supra or Trojan Avanti are okay with coconut oil and other oil-based lubes (though I have not tried either of these condoms and cannot vouch for them).

Okay, so coconut oil. What is this shit? It’s one of the most versatile substances ever. You can use it in cooking (like instead of butter for baking), you can put a spoonful in tea, you can use it as a massage oil or moisturizer, and best of all, you can use it as a lube. Why it’s amazing: It’s natural, it’s not sticky, and it stays slick for a long time, but not in a slippery, runny way, more like a smooth/sensual way. Then, when you’re done, you don’t even have to wash it off, since it’s more like a moisturizer than a sticky lube.

Texture: It starts off as a solid, but will quickly melt into a liquid from the warmth of your hands. Below is a video I made demonstrating this.

For guys: I’ve heard that coconut oil is amazing to jerk off to. Why? Compared to moisturizer: You don’t need a lot of it, so it doesn’t get messy. It stays slick. Compared to hair conditioner: You don’t need to be in the shower. You don’t need to wash it off. Compared to Vaseline: It’s not thick and gunky and it’s not hard to wash off if you do want to wash it off. Compared to actual lube designed for sex: Lube is okay, but some of it is really nasty and sticky from what I’ve come across. Like I open a packet, apply, then I’m like fuck, now I need to wash my hands because I feel like I’ve just finished making a craft project. Buzz kill.

Other benefits: Since it starts off as a solid, you can, uh, dip your dick right into the jar to apply if you don’t feel like scooping it out with your fingers (for obvious reasons, if you’re also going to use coconut oil for cooking, have 2 separate jars). Also, it smells delicious.

For women: Excellent to use with dildos/vibrators/fingers for the same reasons – stays slick, non-messy clean-up, has the added benefit of moisturizing your lady bits. Also has many other uses, like as a shaving cream substitute. It will get you a really close shave on your legs. I’ve also heard of people using it to take off make-up, but I haven’t tried that since Huggies Sensitive baby wipes work so well.

Where to buy: Some supermarkets have it. Whole Foods and other organic-type stores definitely have it. I got my first tub at Whole Foods then switched to Amazon because it’s cheaper there. Either way, a tub should last you forever if you’re not using it for other reasons like cooking.

So that’s it. Happy sexing/getting yourself off.

Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, $8.49 for 16 Ounces at

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11 Responses to “The Best Sexual Lubricant”

  • Christopher Says:

    Great article. I’m a massage therapist and foodie and I can vouch for the nutritional and lubricating value of coconut oil. I wanted to add a teeny, tiny word of warning when using any plant-based oil as a lubricant, specifically for vaginal and anal play.

    Plant-based oils can be a growth medium for nasty bacteria and there’s a chance of it causing an infection when used internally. But there is an easy and non-toxic solution!

    Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil. It’s easiest if you liquify the coconut oil first so that the lavender oil blends well. That’s easily done by placing the bottle in a pot of water and heating it until it liquifies.

    As for the amount to add, put enough drops in so that there is only a slight scent of lavender. Not perfumey. Lavender oil is a natural anti-bacterial.

    So, there you go! Enjoy the lube.

  • William Smith Says:

    Well done on the great post! I also agree with the above comment.

  • Suzy Says:

    Yo, no way I am putting an organic substance near my vagina. Terrible idea.

    Foodstuffs are a no go from a gynecological perspective.

    I’m worried that you even told girls to do that.

    The lavender trick above might work, but I’m still not going to bet on a “natural antibacterial” and my measurements to be exact enough to keep things healthy up in there. You can throw things off very, very easily and end up with an infection that can leave you sterile.

  • JK Says:

    Suzy is very mistaken. From a “gynecological perspective”, coconut oil is a good thing. It contains fatty acids that are effective against Candida yeast. In other words, it can actually prevent yeast infections. I’m curious, why would anyone think an organic substance would be worse to put in her body (whichever part of her body) than a chemical one? And in response to Christopher, lavender does have antibacterial properties, but so does coconut oil. So the lavender isn’t actually necessary.

  • Anonymous Says:

    So…can this be used for anal sex as well? (I hope that wasn’t too forward) but my fiance really wants to try it and my only reason for not wanting to has been the downright HARMFUL chemicals in lubricants…-even the ones at whole foods.
    So if anyone has tried this or knows for sure that it works and it will provide sufficient lubrication…I’d love to know. thanks.

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  • Boobs McGhee Says:

    Coconut oil is antibacterial and anti microbial.I don’t see the need for lavender,it would further irritate.

  • Some Guy Says:

    Coconut oil is antimicrobial and antibacterial however not topically. You can’t just simple smear everything with coconut oil and expect it to now create a microbe free surface. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are only possible through breakdown and processing through ingestion and the body’s use and conversion of lauric acid. It is the ability of the byproduct to breakdown protein and cellular walls of microbes that makes this an antimicrobial and antibacterial.

    So, if it is safe or unsafe for use as a sexual lubricant that is independent of it being an antimicrobial and antibacterial.

  • just me Says:

    I have totally had itch after anal play with Just coconut oil.

    I was wondering about which EO were safe, thanks for recommending Lavender. I figured it would be a good one, but wanted to make sure!

    Perfect blend for playing, and the sent heightens your awareness and just takes you deeper into your body for better orgasm! 😉

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