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I’m starting something new. I’m going to be doing reviews of things I like. The way I go about buying most things is I spend a few hours researching and reading reviews, then buy the things that are a good cross between being affordable and working decently. Some things are not as easy to judge by reading online reviews, so then I try a bunch of different things in that category until I find something that’s great. The initial time/effort spent researching pays off because then I usually end up with something that works well.

So to kick this off, I’m going to start with my favorite condom. A few years ago, I started my hunt for the best condom after getting tired of using whatever condoms I had around the house. I used to be a peer sex ed counselor in undergrad and they gave out condoms like candy, so I always had some lying around. Most of those were drugstore types like Durex/Lifestyles.

The biggest complaint I had with those condoms was that they felt too thick. You know, the wearing-a-raincoat feeling. Yes, women feel it too, not just guys. The biggest difference between having sex with and without a condom is the “warmth” factor. With most of the condoms I’ve tried, there was too much of a barrier where you can’t feel the “warmth” that you get from skin-to-skin non-condomed sex.

I gave up on drugstore condoms after fruitlessly searching for one that didn’t feel like a raincoat, regardless of how much the advertising said “extremely thin” and “feels like wearing nothing.” Lies, all lies. It was time to go to someplace that specialized in this kind of thing, like a sex store. I went to Good Vibrations in SF, where I was living at the time. I told the person working there what I was looking for, and she pointed me to some of their bestsellers. I bought a few different ones to try out, including the “Okamoto Crown Condom.” This was the winner, and I’ve never looked back since. You can feel a lot more “warmth” through it than any others I’ve tried. It’s the closest thing I’ve come across that feels like wearing nothing. Here’s what they look like:


Since I discovered these condoms, I recommend them to everyone I know (if the topic comes up) and give away some for them to try. Most people agree that they are the bomb, and there aren’t many complaints of “it fits too tightly.” Now why do I have so many of them to give away? I buy them in bulk. If you buy them in singles, they are about 75 cents each from Good Vibes. If you have sex more than once in a blue moon, you might want to consider getting a bunch at a time to save you money/time/hassle/shipping, etc. I get mine from here, where you can buy between 12-250, and you can also probably find them in most sex stores.

Edit: There have been some comments asking how these are feel in size compared to other condoms. I’m not a dude, so it’s hard for me to say, but here are some things that may help:

Description from Good Vibes: “Customers love this condom and have made it one of our consistent top sellers for years. This condom is super-thin and silky feeling with a slightly roomier size and shape than the similar Kimono Micro-Thin. One of the best condom values we offer. Lubricated latex. Pink tint.”

Comments from OkCupiders: “Crowns do appear to be a larger size over all, with a standard base.” “Tried the Okamoto Crown last night – had trouble getting it on but once it was on it felt fine. None of that being strangled sensation.”

Video showing condom on a vibrator with $1 bill and cards to indicate size of vibrator:


Photo of the same thing. Note that I was able to roll the condom further down. The video is janky because I could only use one hand to put the condom on.
crown condoms

The sex ed counselor in me is coming out right now, so time for a disclaimer: Do not ever have sex without a condom unless you are in a monogamous relationship where you have both been tested for STDs and trust each other. It is *always* better to use a condom no matter how much it lessens the sensation than to contract an STD like herpes or HIV, which are incurable and which you will have forever. There is also nothing more unattractive than a guy who says, “Can’t we do it just this once without a condom? It feels so much better that way.” The answer is no. It shows me how little you respect my body and your own body. How do you know that *I* don’t have an STD? Is that what you say to other girls too? Maybe some of them aren’t as vigilant as me about safe sex, said yes to you, then give you an STD and you don’t even know it. And now you’re going to give it to me. I’ll pass.

Some final things about condoms in general:

1) Check the expiration date before you use a condom. The one you’ve had in your wallet for the last three years is probably no good.

2) Check a condom packet to make sure there are no rips by gently squeezing the packet to make sure there’s some air in there before ripping it open.

3) Squeeze the tip of the condom before putting it on to get rid of the air that gets trapped in the tip (I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know this).

4) If you’re newish to sex and not sure if the condom broke after the deed (by looking at it), take it over to the sink and fill it with water. If there are any holes/tears, the water will indicate where.

That’s it. Happy sexing.

Crown Condoms, starting at $4.95 for 12 on Amazon.

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  • blue_t Says:

    Regular trojans are too tight for me, and magnums feel more comfortable on me. What are their size/fit compared to the regular trojans/magnums? Do they have a magnum equivalent?

  • divinebaboon Says:

    If you like Okamoto Crowns, you should try the Okamoto 003 series…they are even thinner…but the price is a bit higher.

  • Jack Says:

    By far the best condom I have ever worn. Truly feels like your not even wearing them. If you wanna be safe and have great sex you gotta try these. If you need to buy condom by online you can visit at

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