A Message to Redditors


Many updates, but first, a message for people on the FA:Improvement and Seddit forums on Reddit. Holy crap guys. Do you want to know what happened after my blog was linked to Reddit? This is what happened:


In other words, wow. Thank you for clicking through, voting, and writing responses. I had fun reading all the comments, in particular the ones that said, “WTF. I don’t understand women.” Yes, I agree, women can be hard to understand. But some women would also say the same thing about men. As for the “don’t take advice from a woman” comments, I don’t mind if you take the advice or leave it. The only thing I can say about that is I did receive a nice message from a male dating coach who posts regularly on Seddit saying, “Hey, just wanted to say I dug your blog post. You validated a lot of what’s taught to guys, and in a non-creepy way. That’s not easy to do. Big props : ).”  Finally, the comments about how long my posts are. Yes, I know. It’s a shitload of words. Being concise is not one of my strong points, never has been. The downside is you have to get through it all. The upside is if you *do* get through it all, you might find some valuable information in there. I like to write detailed posts with examples. So that’s all folks. Thanks again. I was completely blown away by the number of upvotes and hits on the blog.

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