Candy. A Shitload of Candy.


(OkCupid original post date: 6/11/12)

I am both impressed by the organization of this aisle and also nauseated by how much candy there is.


Also, this:


Candy photo = Safeway. Second photo = WinCo.

From the comments on OkCupid:

Me: If you can’t tell me what’s wrong with the second photo then we’re going to have problems. My cousins from Australia came to visit last year and spent an hour taking photos of the the different things in the supermarket. They couldn’t believe it.

Some responses: “I just enjoy that there is a distinction between crackers and snack crackers.” “lulz@fig bars being on the sign as if they are meaningful at all.”

Yes. I hadn’t noticed either of those things originally because I was so taken aback that aerosol cheese was considered significant enough to get its own spot on the sign.

Another response: “I just can’t believe that aerosol cheese commands its own aisle marker. we have a pretty horrifically large and comprehensive supermarket in town, and they only have one brand name aerosol cheese, and a store brand…all of it takes up about one foot by 18 inches deep of shelf space. hell, even the real cheese dept. doesn’t get a sign…and it’s enormous.”

Agree. Wtf?

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